Allis Information Management Rebrands as AIM – Targeted Intelligence

Allis Information Management (AIM) is now doing business as AIM – Targeted Intelligence. The rebranding comes in response to AIM’s growing portfolio of capabilities. While evolving its mainstay research and data management offerings, our company now provides a wide range of intelligence consulting services.

AIM’s staff of intelligence specialists, librarians, and technical consultants tackle projects involving primary research, market studies, competitive assessments, in-depth industry analysis, and technical intelligence data mining, among others. The company’s intelligence resources incorporate cutting edge IT components, which are critical to AIM’s systems and efficiencies.

“The rebranding represents AIM’s transformation through the years and our desire to hone our services to meet clients’ growing needs,” says AIM’s President Anne Bridgewater. “Our overall goal is to grow relationships, have fun, and share the wealth while giving back to the community.”