AIM analysts earn professional certifications in market research, competitive intelligence, & data science

Several AIM team members recently completed professional certifications further solidifying their standing among the preeminent intelligence and information professionals operating in the information industry today.

AIM’s Vice President, Anne Herron, earned Professional Research Certification (PRC) through the Marketing Research Association. Analysts Kristin Langrill, Ann Sigsby, and Chad Groenhout earned SCIP Certification from the Strategic & Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP). Amjad Syed, AIM’s senior programmer and DBA, is nearing completion of a Data Science Certification through John’s Hopkins University.

“It is through continuing education we are able to evolve, adapt, and ultimately serve our clients more effectively,” said Sue LaBonville, AIM’s President. “By consistently investing in new intelligence skills, data analysis technologies, and research methodologies, we are able to not only attract and retain top talent, but also deliver outstanding and impactful information to our clients. It’s how AIM does business,” she added.