Customized Delivery

Strategic intelligence is the key to successful decision making in your organization or business.

And the key to swift, effective decisions is all in the delivery.

At AIM, we’re very thorough with our research and impeccable in our analysis. But that doesn’t mean you’re interested in seeing everything the way that we see it.

That’s why we deliver intelligence in the format you prefer on your schedule.

How often do you need market research conducted? Do you need regular market reports, or just when you introduce a new product or service? Constant competitive updates, or only during critical events? Continual crisis prevention, immediate crisis management, or both?

At AIM, you have options. Lots of them. We can tailor a strategic intelligence delivery plan to your needs.

Do you need access to your data at all times, across several departments? How about custom-designed visual depictions or presentations? Executive briefings with sensitive information, or newsletters designed to keep your whole team informed?

At AIM, it’s not just about when you get intelligence, it’s also about how you get it.

Alert Systems

Online Databases

Intelligence Mapping


Executive Briefings

Visual or Text Reports



A tailored suit is always better than one off the rack. Why? Because it’s designed to fit every muscle and curve perfectly. It looks better and feels better, too.

By now you may have realized the precise quality that separates AIM from other strategic intelligence companies. We’re not a one-size-fits-all company. We don’t have one solution that we sell to multiple clients. We create solutions that are tailored to your individual needs.

You’re not like every other organization in your field. You offer something unique to your clients.

That’s why we offer unique options for you. Because one size does not fit all and you deserve better.