Expert Researchers & Analysts

What’s more important for your organization? Is it keeping a close, ethical eye on the competition so you can stay agile? Is it targeting customer needs so you stay relevant? Or is it keeping up with your brand’s reputation and managing a potentially lethal crisis? If you’re not sure, that’s okay. AIM is here to help.

We’re analytical by nature and we use our skill every step of the way – whether we’re providing detailed, actionable reports, or simply helping you decide which of our services is right for you. We have more than 40 years of experience doing just that, so let us help you.

You want experts.

Expertise is what you get with AIM.


A decision made lightly is a decision made foolishly. You don’t want the future of your organization decided on a whim, so make sure you tap the expertise of seasoned information veterans.

That’s what we are at AIM. Our highly educated and experienced staff include PhD, MLS, and MBA graduates who conduct all of our research so you know you’re getting quality information. AIM analysts are certified through numerous associations and universities, including SCIP, Insights, and Johns Hopkins.

At AIM our mantra is Exceed Expectations — Every Time!  From research to analysis to reporting and database design, we make sure it’s all done right.


Sara is responsible for cultivating AIM’s global resources, including discovering, evaluating, and implementing innovative tools used by AIM’s team of expert researchers and analysts. She has over Over 30 years of professional research experience serving both corporations and government agencies and is active in the Special Libraries Association (SLA) and other industry groups. Sara has an MLIS from Wayne State University and an MS from Indiana University.

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