Innovative Information Technology

Our team of analysts are the best in their field. They see patterns in the data that others don’t. But at AIM, we never work without support. Behind every great analyst is great technology.

As technology advances, the opportunities to combine human analysis with sophisticated computing increases dramatically. That’s why we’re different. We use both to deliver intelligence superior to our competition.

The number one benefit the Digital Age has given to strategic intelligence is the availability of information. From the demographics of potential customers to the buying behavior of senior citizens to worldwide brand reputation and more, there’s more accessible raw data out there than ever before.

But that doesn’t mean harvesting meaningful intelligence is easy. In fact, the problem these days is sorting through the sheer volume of data to find what’s actually useful.

And that’s where AIM’s custom technology solutions can help.

We utilize technology in several ways.

First, we use cutting-edge resources to find the data available. If we discover the data doesn’t yet exist, we find solutions for creating it.

Once we have the data, we use intelligent programming to help sort through it to find what matters and store it in a way that allows easy access later. Even years later.

Amjad leads AIM’s strategic technology initiatives in intelligence discovery and application. He has over two decades of experiences creating search engines, databases, analytical tools, SEO strategies, and GIS insight. Amjad recently completed training through the National Center for Economic Gardening and is certified as a Geographic Information Systems Specialist. His expertise allows AIM to leverage innovative techniques which increase the impact of AIM’s research through powerful exploration, correlation, and distribution models. Amjad specializes in office automation, web-based applications, and data transformation services using the latest technologies in ASP.NET, JAVA, JQuery, JSON, XML, HTML5, and R programming and exploratory data analysis. Amjad is in the process of obtaining his Data Scientist Certification.


Because each of our clients is unique, we’ll never have just one technology protocol to utilize. We’re constantly looking for new ways to find and analyze data to provide you with the strategic intelligence you need. Even in today’s highly technical world, we’re often disappointed with existing options.

That’s why we invent our own technology.

We’ve created powerful search engines that find data not typically available to the public. We’ve designed innovative delivery applications for individual clients from dashboards to apps. We’re also quite practiced at building custom databases so our clients can access information as it becomes available and look at trends from a historical perspective – allowing them to leverage years of intelligence for purposes not originally intended.