Longtime AIM partner Sue LaBonville retires

Longtime AIM employee, partner, and former President Sue LaBonville retired on January 1, 2022. Upon her retirement, Anne Herron Bridgewater, a leadership partner in the firm since 2005, has purchased Sue’s shares in the company and now serves as AIM’s President. This seamless transition, with its continuity in leadership, keeps AIM in an excellent position to continue competing with agility and flexibility while adapting to, and capitalizing on, market opportunities.

Anne and the AIM staff would like to congratulate Sue on her recent retirement. She began her career with the company in 1993 as a part-time researcher and analyst. In 2005, when founder Hedi Allis retired, Sue became a partner in the firm and held the position as president for 17 years.

Sue’s thoughtful, engaging, and respectful leadership helped AIM accomplish a number of strategic goals, building valued business relationships and expanding the firm’s client portfolio, while navigating complex challenges. AIM wishes her all the best in future endeavors.