Media Analysis

AIM’s professional resources allow us to monitor and identify media trends around the globe, while our experienced analysts sift through the endless stream of data bringing insights to the surface.

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Competitive Research & Analysis​

A Trusted, Ethical, & Experienced Partner

Competitive intelligence and analysis can take many shapes. Sometimes it’s obvious who your toughest competitors are, and sometimes they’re not on your radar yet. Either way, they’re leaving a trail- the longer the trail gets the less time you have to react! That’s why you need AIM to monitor the competitive landscape and warn you when we spot indications of a looming threat.

Continuous monitoring allows you to proactively shape the market based on the newfound knowledge. But the information itself isn’t enough. What makes your competition successful? How are they different from you? What are they planning to do next? Our experts can help you answer all of these questions and more. We’ll provide a detailed analysis of the facts to help you understand the competitive landscape—so you can plan your market domination.

Early Warning Alert Systems

Are you prepared?

Your competitive environment is constantly changing. You can develop strategies to steer your company through the current environment, but you can’t ignore the possibility that you’ll wake up tomorrow in a different world. Are you prepared to handle:

  • advances in new technology
  • competitor growth
  • mergers and acquisitions in your industry
  • changes in regulatory/public policy
  • emerging consumer trends
  • supply chain disruption
  • …and other environmental changes?

If you’re not, your company could be stuck in reaction mode, just trying to keep up with it all.

Wouldn’t you rather be able to analyze your risks, come up with a battle plan, and know when to start deploying it?

You need someone to keep an eye on potential changes in the environment so you can keep an eye on the future.

You need Early Warning Alert Systems from AIM.

Staying Vigilant with AIM

Each and every day, AIM works hard to help you stay ahead of changes in our fast-paced world. We’ll work with you to focus on the risks that matter most to your company. We’ve developed hundreds of Early Warning Alert Systems, so we know what to look for. We can help you predict not only what could happen, but when it’s likely to happen, while you wait in the wings, ready to act – not just react.

When you know the battlefield, you can control the battle.

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Screen Shot 2021 09 01 at 4.12.42 PM e1630697817876

Growth & Opportunity Intelligence

It’s one thing to know where you stand in the market. It’s another to know where you’re headed. But more importantly how to get there.

Having a strategic plan for the future of your company is imperative for growth and growth is imperative for success.

How will you harness your resources to take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves?

Knowing when to reach higher and when to let things ride requires the right kind of intelligence. You have to look at your market, your competitors, social trends, and world events over time.

You need Growth and Opportunity Intelligence services from AIM.

Growing from Good to Great

You are an expert at your business. Making good decisions is how you’ve achieved that success so far. But imagine what you could achieve if you took the guesswork out of steering your company into the future?

Imagine having all the intelligence you need to make a fully-informed, dynamic decision that would launch your company into a leading role in your market. Imagine using that intelligence to take over other markets.

When you have comprehensive Growth and Opportunity Intelligence from AIM, anything’s possible.

Let’s talk about what drives your business, and where you’d like to take it. Let’s talk about the tools and information you need to make the right choice. Let’s talk about how we can help you steer your company toward long-term, sustainable success.

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Scientific, Technical & IP Research​​

Do you need a systematic search and review of published scientific literature? How about help assessing the impact of regulations using ongoing monitoring of regulatory developments, inspections, enforcement actions, violations, consumer complaints?

We’ve got your back.

Using a combination of customized search/retrieval techniques and the human element of our talented researchers.

Intellectual property is the lifeline of any business. But how do you evaluate and assess new technologies, ideas, or advancements that might launch your business into the stratosphere?

Without the ability to find and analyze existing information, you could end up spending millions reinventing the wheel – only to find out someone’s already patented it.

Instead, why not count on AIM to keep you informed with all the scientific, technical, and IP research you need?

We can help you discover existing data, paint a picture of a technology landscape, and keep up with new innovations by combining the skills of our researchers with powerful data sources such as:

  • scientific journals
  • patent filings
  • trademark filings
  • conference proceedings
  • government filings or databases …and more

We’ll research, synthesize, and analyze all relevant data so you can make the wisest decisions with your R&D budgets, research partnerships, new product developments, and strategic acquisitions.

The Right Tool for the Job, Every Time

We’ve been helping our clients stay up to date on the latest news and discoveries for decades, even back before it was all on the web. We understand the best ways to use the technological tools available, but we don’t stop there.

Sometimes, the right tool just doesn’t exist yet.

That’s why we create our own tools for the job. Whether that’s creating targeted search and retrieval tools, reports for various audiences, or a custom database to give you instant access to all the data you need, we have the right tools for the job – or we’ll create new ones.

Either way, the result is scientific, technical, and IP research you can count on, delivered right to you.

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Dashboard, Database & App Development​​

While our analysts are the best in their field, we know that technology can offer a different kind of benefit. That’s why AIM combines human expertise with cutting-edge technology to bring you the best competitive intelligence available.

We’ll work with you to create a Database, Dashboard or App to help you harness the value of harvested data when and how you need it most.

AIM helps you create insight and by developing custom databases with intuitive dashboards. Access, archive, and analyze your data anytime, anywhere.

Track, Analyze, & Anticipate with AIM

The best thing about getting started with AIM competitive intelligence today is that the benefits aggregate. The more intelligence we collect and store, the better intelligence we can provide.

Unless your company never faces another challenge again, tracking and storing data over time is crucial. It helps you recognize trends, threats, and opportunities you never even knew existed. It helps you stay agile.

So what are you waiting for?

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CI / Counterintelligence Training and Support​​

Counterintelligence Awareness and Support

What are your most valuable assets? Personnel? Costly research and development documents? Are your trade secrets properly protected?

Confidential information can be leaked in a number of ways. Whether it’s through your employees’ social media, your garbage dumpster, your contractor cleaning crew, or simply unlocked office doors, companies lose billions of dollars to information leaks.

Make sure you’re protecting your information with a complete analysis of your strengths and weaknesses. We’ll help you protect what matters most.

Training Your Personnel

Your unsuspecting employees could meet a competitive intelligence professional anywhere – at a restaurant, at the soccer field, or in the airport. They may be revealing secrets and not even know it.

That’s why you need Counterintelligence Training and Support from AIM.

We’ve been helping companies protect sensitive information for decades, whether that’s through training personnel on how to protect valuable company information or conducting red team attacks to identify your vulnerabilities. You can depend on us to help you sleep better at night knowing you’ve done everything in your power to keep your company secure.