Midland’s AIM Extends a Hand of Support to New Clients

AIM provides intelligence services to new clients in the private and public sectors Midland, MI – Midland’s Allis Information Management (AIM), a long-time provider of competitive intelligence and market research services to commercial and non-profit clients, has expanded its strategic intelligence services to assist more public institutions and second-stage companies. According to AIM’s CEO Sue LaBonville, who was recently invited to join the Small Business Association of Michigan (SBAM)’s Leadership Council, “I find it extremely gratifying to share AIM’s expertise knowing, in some small way, we’re assisting in the economic development of our state and nation.”

AIM’s recent public sector successes include:

Developing and executing a public perception survey for a Michigan community college looking to assess the effectiveness of its recent re-branding initiative and ultimately attract more students. AIM’s skilled researchers surveyed and analyzed responses from over 250 prospective students, offering valuable insight as to how the college could enhance current marketing efforts to expand reach and increase student enrollment opportunities. AIM’s strategic recommendations were crucial in aligning the college’s marketing with the voice of its consumer.

Undertaking another market research project for a university medical school, which involved telephone surveys, in-person intercept surveys, stakeholder interviews, and focus groups. This important study will assist the medical school and physicians in expanding patient reach, and it will assist in future strategic negotiations. Small business assistance AIM is also proud to be part of an innovative Michigan effort to assist small businesses through Pure Michigan’s Business Connect Economic Gardening (EG) initiative, which provides targeted top-line business services to help small businesses grow. Three of AIM’s staff members have gone through the rigorous EG certification and have been accepted onto the National Center for Economic Gardening’s National Strategic Research Team, providing market research, competitive intelligence and geographic information system (GIS) services to small businesses across the nation. AIM has provided similar services to large corporations for many years. LaBonville noted, “Our own position as a growing second-stage company gives us unique insight into the challenges and possibilities facing these small businesses.”

Moving forward

AIM continues to invest time and leadership in professional associations and leverage certifications, including its EG, WBENC and WOSB certifications as a woman-owned small business, to bring cost-effective, valuable strategic intelligence services to businesses of all sizes. View our services to understand more about how we can help deliver targeted, actionable data to help your business grow.

AIM provides customized strategic intelligence research and analysis on a global scale. We are a highly respected and leading intelligence firm with a broad range of experience in competitive intelligence, market research and media/issues analysis. For over 30 years, our ability to collect, synthesize, analyze, and communicate critical information has helped clients anticipate threats, capitalize on opportunities, and most importantly, make informed and accurate decisions. For more information, please visit www.aim-intel.com. AIM’s President Sue LaBonville is one of 100 members of the Small Business Association of Michigan (SBAM) Leadership Council, which gives entrepreneurs a venue and voice to express themselves on public policy issues affecting Michigan’s small business community.