Join our AIM team… now hiring Market Intelligence Associate

Background:  At AIM, Market Intelligence is the gathering and analysis of information about competitors, customers, products, markets, technologies and government regulations affecting our clients.  Our clients receive customized deliverables – including reports, alerts, databases, mapping and other specialized offerings.

Job Competencies: A Master’s Degree in Information Science or equivalent market intelligence experience is preferred.  Preference will be given to candidates with demonstrated experience and competencies.  Strong written and verbal English language communication and analysis skills are required.  Remote work situations are not being considered for this position in Midland, MI.

Inherent Abilities:

  • Inquisitive
  • Persistent
  • Observant
  • Creative
  • Self-motivated
  • Self-directed
  • Analytical
  • Good Pattern Recognition
  • Strategic Thinker / Big Picture Oriented
  • Ethical

Learnable Skills & Knowledge

  • Business, Market & Technical Terminology
  • Project Management Skills
  • Information Research Techniques
  • Information Sources and Research Tools
  • Analytical Methodologies

Job Description: A Market Intelligence Associate position has the following aspects:

  • Ability to navigate numerous information sources (online and offline) such as media, patents & trademarks, scientific literature, grants & funding, financial and market reports, government databases, phone interviews, and subject matter expert interviews.
  • Ability to gather and distill information from multiple online and offline sources
  • Ability to organize and create insightful analysis within written communication of findings
  • Ability to spot business / market trends and connections
  • Efficiently manage the information gathering and analysis process – by organizing customized report layouts, reducing redundancies, evaluating sources, maintaining processes, utilizing analytical methodologies
  • Demonstrates high standards of integrity, including the maintaining of client confidentiality agreements
  • Ability to prioritize, while maintaining budget and time sensitive deadlines
  • Candidate must be client-centered with a focus on development; proactively looking to gain and share knowledge, while looking for opportunities to grow the account
  • Candidate should be detail-oriented: spotting mistakes in procedures and reports, an active participant in the quality control process

For PDF and contact info, click the following link:  Market Intelligence Associate Job Posting